text message template

Blank Editable Text Message Template

How to use the text message template?

This text message template can be used in a variety of activities in all subjects! I’m going to take teaching Mandarin as an example here.

  1. Students can create a conversation between two people in the target language they are learning. For instance, if they have studied the 130 Basic Chinese That You Can’t Miss, they can choose of few phrases from the list, and make up a conversation.
  2. This template is editable, so students can type or print it out to handwrite.
  3. Teachers can create a conversation in the target language between two people as a way for students to practice their reading comprehension skills.
  4. Teachers can write scripts for one character and have students fill in possible sentences for the other character. You’ll be surprised by students’ creativity.


This is strictly for PERSONAL and EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY and NOT for commercial use. It cannot be modified and/or resold in any formats, including printed or digital.


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