Halloween Games and Activities in Chinese

In this blog post, we will explore some Halloween games and activities in Chinese that not only entertain but also help children improve their Mandarin skills. So put on your thinking cap and get ready for some ghostly language learning! (Don’t forget to grab the free. Chinese learning resources at the bottom!)

Halloween games and activities in Chinese: two flashcard games

Take advantage of Halloween flashcards to learn the vocabulary in Chinese. One interesting game you can play with Halloween flashcards is Guess the Word. This game involves placing the flashcards face down and taking turns picking one at random. Without showing the flashcard to others, describe it using Mandarin. The others then have to guess which word it is based on your description. This game not only tests children’s vocabulary knowledge but also improves their communication skills in Chinese.

Another popular activity that can be done with Halloween flashcards is creating a spooky story. Start by laying out all the flashcards in front of you and pick one randomly as a starting point for your story. Then take turns adding more cards and weaving them into a tale together. This activity allows you to practice storytelling while incorporating new vocabulary words related to Halloween.

We are providing FREE printable Halloween flashcards for you, including both of traditional characters (with Bopomofo and Pinyin) and simplified characters (with pinyin). You can get them at the very bottom of this blog post.

Halloween games and activities in Chinese: scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt for Halloween-related items can be exciting for kids. It helps kids immerse themselves in Halloween vocabulary wherever they go during the season. By incorporating this game into your kid’s Chinese learning experience, they not only enhance Chinese vocabulary but also engage with the festive spirit of Halloween. As kids search for objects like pumpkins, witches’ hats, and skeletons, they become immersed in the Chinese vocabulary related to Halloween.

We are providing FREE printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt sheet for you. You can get them at the very bottom of this blog post.

Halloween games and activities in Chinese: Halloween costume fashion show

Encourage children to dress up in Halloween costumes and describe their outfits in Mandarin. If more children participate, it can become a fun Halloween costume fashion show. Kids can take turns describing their own costumes or those of their friends. These activities will provide them with opportunities to practice their Chinese speaking skills while having fun.

Halloween games and activities in Chinese: Sing Halloween songs in Chinese

Singing songs in Halloween theme in Chinese is a fun activity for kids. Here are some youtube videos with Halloween songs in Chinese. If kids want to sing along, you can always adjust the speed to slow it down.

Halloween games and activities in Chinese: Pumpkin carving in Chinese characters

You can print out or handwrite a character that your kids like. Children can then look at the characters and carve them onto pumpkins. While carving, children will naturally need to refer to the characters multiple times to ensure they carve them correctly. This presents an opportunity to examine the characters closely, including their proportions and the precision of the lines.

Halloween games and activities in Chinese: Trick-or-Treat role play

Encourage the children to role-play as trick-or-treaters and candy givers. They can practice saying “不招待就捣蛋” (Bù zhāodài jiù dǎodàn) when trick-or-treating, and the candy giver can respond appropriately. Depending on where they go trick-or-treating, if they encounter Mandarin-speaking populations, the kids can also try trick-or-treating in Chinese with candy givers who speak the language.

Finally, the benefit of Halloween games and activities in Chinese is that they provide a context for practicing speaking skills. Through role-playing activities, such as a costume fashion show or spooky storytelling sessions, children can actively use Chinese phrases and expressions while immersing themselves in the festive atmosphere. This hands-on approach allows kids to apply what they have learned in a meaningful context, boosting confidence and encouraging fluency.

And don’t forget to download our FREE Halloween learning resources! We have created a set of Chinese flashcards featuring common Halloween-themed words in Mandarin that you can print out. Not only the flashcards but also the scavenger hunt sheet in Chinese and the coloring page are designed to make Chinese acquisition more engaging and interactive. So whether you’re celebrating Halloween at home, hosting a classroom party, or simply want to add some festive flair to the language-learning routine, be sure to grab your freebie today – it’s the perfect complement to your spooktacular adventure.

Traditional Character

with Bopomofo and Pinyin

    Simplified Character

    with Pinyin

      Ps. If you are interested in teaching children recognizing Chinese characters by playing games, be sure to check out this sentence train game.

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