Learn New HSK 1 Vocabulary Via Mini-Conversations

Effective New HSK 1 Learning Through Context

Even though you might have the 500 words for New HSK 1, have you ever felt you try to memorize these vocabulary words one by one, but always forget quickly? If you’ve felt this way, I suggest two ways. First of all, to study them by categories, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Get our FREE 500 Words in Categories eBook. Secondly, let’s try to learn it through context. Human brains respond well to the context and people can remember words better if there are contexts. Therefore, I’ve created these mini conversations by using New HSK 1 vocabulary to help you learn effectively through context.

If you like these mini-conversations, please scroll to the end to download them as a PDF file for your future reference.

Mini-Conversation 1

Question for you after you read the mini conversation 1:

你喜欢喝茶吗? (nǐ xǐ huān hē chá ma ?)

Please feel free to share your response in the comment. I look forward to reading your responses.

Mini-Conversation 2

Mini-Conversation 3 (New HSK 1 Vocabulary)

We organize these three mini-conversations and vocabulary words into a nice and neat PDF file. Want to keep the PDF for future use?! Just let us know where to send it to.

Learn New HSK 1 Words via Mini-Conversations

Get these 3 mini-conversations and their vocabulary words in a PDF file for future reference.

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