the sentence train

The Sentence Train Game

What is The Sentence Train Game 造句火車遊戲?

The sentence train is a way to help kids with sentences in a following ways.

  1. For kids who are learning to recognize Chinese characters (or any other languages), they can find the characters from the flashcard pile to form sentences. Simply place flashcards on each of the train carts.
  2. For kids who are learning to form grammatically correct sentences, they can do the same: find the flashcards and place them on train carts.
  3. For kids who are learning to read, adults can place flashcards on train carts and have kids read aloud.

Note: The fun part is…kids love to drag the sentence train everywhere in the room as a treat after they have done sentences correctly. Therefore, this could be an encouragement before form sentences and a reward after they are done.

Mostly likely, flashcards will fall off from the train while they drag it around in the room. I always ask, “oh no…which word(s) fell off the train?” Kids will say, “XXX words fell off the train” which is the reinforcement of learning the characters again.

How to make it?

  1. Download the digital files here –> DOWNLOAD
  2. Print them one engine and as many train carts as you would like. (print on US Letter size)
  3. Optional: laminate it if want to use repeatedly.
  4. Cut the parts that are not needed, in order to make it like a train.
  5. Tape them together on the back of paper.
  6. Then, you are ready to have fun!

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    1. Hi, Michelle,
      Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry that you are not able to download The Sentence Train file. (I’m guessing it’s possible the browser blocks the popup window.) I just sent it to you via email. Please let me know if questions. Thanks. Sabrina

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